Restoring Community Trust, Breaking ICE's Hold on Our Counties

Over the last two years we built a powerful movement against the “poli-migra” — the entanglement of local police and ICE. We Uncovered the Truth through litigation and local organizing and built local power with more than 20 campaigns across the country demanding an opt-out and end to S-Comm. As we built critical resistance from cities and states, pilule ICE resorted to lies and then shifted strategies by declaring S-Comm mandatory. ICE’s actions are currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office.

We are thrilled to embark on the next phase of this struggle with you. Targeting ICE holds in counties and states is the new opt out.  ICE holds, buy cialis also known as “immigration detainers,” are the lynchpin of numerous poli-migra programs including S-Comm and its relatives, the 287(g) program and the Criminal Alien Program (CAP).  Essentially, ICE holds are the Achilles heel of the entire poli-migra machinery.  Our movement is perfectly positioned to take them on.

Break ICE's Hold

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National Praise for Philadelphia Executive Order

17-04-2014 NHITS5471 Press Releases NDLON Staff - avatar NDLON Staff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 17, 2014 Contact: B Loewe 773-791-4668   Philly's Historic Executive Order Draws  Praise from National Advocates   In response to Philadelphia Mayor Nutter's announcement of an Executive Order to effectively end the city's submission...

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