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Puente: Real Justice Requires a Halt to Deportations   05.24.2013 Phoenix, AZ In response to the guilty verdict in the racial profiling case of cialis generic brand Sheriff Arpaio, Carlos Garcia, of the Puente Movement issued the cialis softtabs following statement:   "While today's court ruling is undeniably a victory, real justice will come when the victims of Arpaio see their rights fully vindicated. At a bare minimum, the White House should repond by immediately suspending deportations throughout Maricopa County."   ###
  House Appropriations for 2014 Homeland Security Budget Exposes Beltway Hypocrisy As Congress Seeks Immigration Reform, DHS Budgets for Increased Detention   05.22.2013 - Washington, DC The day after the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the "Gang of 8" immigration reform proposal to move to the Senate floor, the House Appropriations Committee approved the Department of Homeland Security 2014 budget which included an increase in funding for the Secure Communities deportation program and additional detention center beds and a decrease in civil rights oversight.    Pablo Alvarado, the Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:   "In order to truly reform immigration law, we need an end to hypocrisy inside the Beltway.   Congressmen cannot claim to support political equality in principle and levitra soft tabs approve increased militarization, criminalization, and deportation in practice.During a legislative session that should bring political equality and inclusion, shouldn't Congress and DHS be budgeting for an increase in immigrants' integration?   Why are Congress and DHS budgeting for an increase in deportation, an increase in suffering, and an increase in discrimination? Undocumented Americans should be seen as potential citizens not potential deportees, and that view should be reflected in our national budget."   ###
    TRUST Act heads to state Senate in wake of findings that police involvement in deportation has made crime victims less likely to seek help Sacramento - Today, following several impassioned floor speeches, the California Assembly approved the TRUST Act (AB 4 - Ammiano) by a vote of 44 to 20. The nationally-watched bill would limit harmful deportations often stemming from trivial or discriminatory arrests and rebuild community confidence in local law enforcement. The vote comes days after an unprecedented survey of Latinos in four cities, including Los Angeles, confirmed that police involvement with immigration enforcement has significantly undermined community confidence, with 44% of responds less likely to contact police officers if they have been a victim of is ultram legal to buy online a crime. Among undocumented immigrants, 70% were less likely to contact law enforcement.
City Council Set to be first city in the South to Vote on Resolution On Civil Immigration Detainers Immigrant workers and families will come closer to winning the Right to Remain in New Orleans today as City Council is set to vote on a resolution condemning Sherriff Marlin Gusman’s racial profiling-based deportation policy. Over the propecia uk no precription last two years the Sheriff has faced mounting pressure through civil rights lawsuits and public outcry to stop submitting to voluntary civil immigration holds also known as immigration detainers. .Council members James Gray, LaToya Cantrell, and Susan Guidry will introduce a resolution limiting Sherriff Marlin Gusman’s practice of submitting to voluntary requests of federal immigration officials to detain individuals in Orleans Parish Prison. Immigrant workers who have survived the Sherriff’s policy will testify on the disastrous impacts on families; and advocates will testify on the impacts on city budget (the federal government does not reimburse jail costs) and constitutional integrity. WHO: Council members Gray, Cantrell, and Guidry will introduce resolution. Immigrant workers and families, New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice, Congress of Day Laborers, and advocates for criminal justice reform will testify.WHERE: City Council Chambers, 1300 Perdido St., New OrleansWHEN: 10 AM, Thursday, May 15, 2013###
Rights Groups Call on President to Suspend Deportations as Congress Seeks Immigration Reform 05.13.2013 - Washington, DC Following the first round of mark-up in the Senate Judiciary Committee of the "Gang of 8" immigration reform proposal, rights groups held a telebriefing to call on the President to immediately suspend deportations of those who could be included in the reform.   The AFL-CIO, MALDEF, United We Dream, and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network announced an organizational sign-on letter of immigrant rights groups, begun today, asking the President to take immediate action to alleviate the suffering caused by on-going record deportations and help build the bi-partisan consensus in the Senate through a suspension of removals of those who would qualify for the bill once it passes.  Lorella Praeli, Director of Advocacy and finasterid generic uk Policy at United We Dream said, "As DREAMers, who won relief from deportations from the administration, we know firsthand the difference this can make.  We're pushing for an end to deportations for our parents and the rest of the 11 million, who are working, paying taxes, and raising their families in this country.  They should not be threatened with deportation every day when they would be on the path to citizenship Congress is debating now.  The President has deported more people than any other president and we will not stand by while these out-of-control deportation continue, tearing apart our families and generic soft tabs cialis communities." Ana Avendaño, Assistant to the President and Director of Immigration and Community Action at the AFL-CIO said, “America’s low wage workplace will not stabilize until every participant in it has equal rights to stand up for themselves when their wages are stolen or their workplace is unsafe. We owe it to all workers to cease the deportation crisis while Congress finishes the process of creating a roadmap to citizenship for the aspiring Americans already living and working in our communities.” Thomas A. Saenz, President and General Counsel of MALDEF, stated, "It is a simple matter of fairness and uk viagra purchase justice that we cease removing those immigrants who would be eligible for relief under the cialis gel proposed bipartisan immigration reform legislation.  The American people and bipartisan leaders nationwide support providing legal protections to those who have labored in our industry and raised families in our community; it would be cruel and nonsensical to deny widely supported and contemplated relief to some, simply because of a delayed effective date.  So long as relief is…
Additional Funding for SCAAP Program Incentivizes Dangerous Police/ICE Collaboration 05.09.2013 - Washington, DCIn response to Senate Judiciary Committee passage of canadian pharmacy online tramadol the Feinstein 1 amendment, Chris Newman, Legal Director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement: Senator Feinstein made the immigration bill worse today, putting both rights and safety in jeopardy.   The Feinstein 1 amendment  approved by committee is straight from the pages of Arizona's playbook. Feinstein 1 increases federal funding for the SCAAP program which threatens public safety by encouraging local police involvement in immigration enforcement.  As long emphasized by police chiefs and recently confirmed by a survey of Latinos in some of the nation's largest cities, police enforcement of immigration law makes immigrants less likely to call police, leaving crimes unsolved and everyone less safe. By increasing the financial incentive for state and local police to collaborate with ICE, this amendment throws gasoline on a fire and exacerbates the current crisis of confidence in law enforcement.  
Progress to Deliver On Mandate for Equality Will Be Measured by Actions, Not Words 05.09.2013 - Washington, DC Responding to the Senate Judiciary Committee first hearing to mark-up amendments for the "Gang of 8" immigration reform proposal, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement: "There is an undeniable distance between the politics of viagra cialis levitra immigration reform within the beltway and the reality confronting millions of Americans-in-Waiting outside of the nation's capitol. The momentum for reform is a mandate for equality. The debate between Senators, with few exceptions, fails to recognize that. Instead they are busying themselves appeasing the imagined fears of the Right and paying too little attention to the real fears of law enforcement and deportations that actually do imperil our safety and how to get some cialis require action." ###
  Day laborers, immigrant community start rolling fast as deportations continue at 1,100+ each day 05.01.2013 – Mountain View, CA Maria Marroquin, director of the Mountain View Day Worker Center, and several others plan to abstainfrom eating for the next eleven days, one day for each millions of undocumented people in the USseeking political equality through immigration reform.
Judiciary Hearing was lost opportunity to ask DHS Sec about top priority for Immigrants   04.23.2013 - Washington, DC.   With Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning,  Senators had an opportunity to ask questions about the broken, unjust status quo.   Instead, the hearing today was characterized by  Sen. Chuck Schumer saying, "we certainly need more drones," while Sen. Feinstein asked questions about student visa fraud and Jeff Flake mocked border crossing migrants to a room full of laughter.    At 2:30pm this afternoon, the Senate Appropriations Committee will have the opportunity for more substantive questioning of cialis purchase the Secretary responsible for unprecedented criminalization and deportation of immigrants and the $18 billion spent annually on enforcement.  
We Don't Want to Be Deported Before the Path to Citizenship Opens 04.22.2013 - New Orleans, LAThis morning, five families who are facing deportation entered the Southern regional field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to demand that the office's public advocate, Bryan Acuna, fulfill his duties by taking on their cases to stop their removals and cease the violent raids and targeting of low-priority cases that are rampant across the region.  
Introduction Poses Test for President   Los Angeles, CA - 04.17.2013In response to the introduction of the Senate 'Gang of 8' immigration reform bill, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:   "President Obama should seize the opportunity presented today by immediately suspending deportations, at a bare minimum for all those who would be included in the bill's legalization provisions.  While it is necessary to study the viagra cialis canadian pharmacy bill before passing judgment on its contents, one thing remains clear:  the President's own deportation quota policy is the biggest roadblock on the path to citizenship.  He must take steps immediately to end the removal and buy viagra online cheap us criminalization of would-be citizens.  Millions of immigrants have walked a long road to get to this point, and the power we have all built as a movement has forced immigration reform onto the national agenda and created a mandate for equality.  As the bill moves forward, we will continue to fight to make sure our labor and civil rights are fully respected."     ###
 Freedom of Information Act Suit to Shed Light on Tactics to Halt California TRUST Act SAN FRANCISCO, April 9, 2013—The Asian Law Cacus, a legal and civil rights organization serving low-income Asian Pacific American communities, has sued federal immigration authorities for information about whether they helped defeat a bill meant to limit entanglement between California law enforcement and U.S. immigration agencies. The lawsuit seeks information from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and the Department of Homeland Security under the Freedom of Information Act about possible efforts to encourage the Governor’s office and state sheriff’s association to oppose the TRUST Act, AB-4. Had the TRUST Act passed last year, it would have restricted California's involvement in the Secure Communities program, which relies on local police to hold individuals suspected of being deportable upon arrest until ICE can pick them up for possible deportation. Last summer, the bill reached Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk with robust support from both legislative houses, but he vetoed it. 
As Immigration Reform Again Takes Center Stage This Week… LA SANTA CECILIA, in Partnership with Leading Migrant Rights Group and the Americas Business Council (abc*) Foundation, Spotlights the levitra online usa Real-Life Faces and Stories of Undocumented Immigrants with the Poignant New Video for Hit Single “El Hielo” (ICE) Starring an Undocumented Cast of Key Figures in the Fight for Immigrant Rights, New Video by “Los Angeles’ Best Latin Alternative Band”, Directed by Alex Rivera, hits close to home for many. In conjunction with the video’s release premiering today on VEVO, the band will now appear at immigration reform events on April 9th In Phoenix, Arizona, and April 10th at The U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Watch the video at http://bit.lyelhielovid  
  Immigrant Communities Rallied Today in Support of the TRUST Act authored by Sen. Eldridge & Rep. Sciortino   03.20.2013 Boston, MA -    As momentum for federal immigration reform grows, Massachusetts is set to lead the nation by advancing the TRUST act, a state bill to provide immediate relief from deportations, strengthen public safety, and propel the national conversation on immigration reform towards inclusion.  Specifically the bill sets a clear standard for local law enforcement agencies not to submit to burdensome requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) most often prompted by the ordering cheap cialis Secure Communities (S-Comm) program to detain people for deportation who have otherwise been ordered released by the courts. The bill is authored by Sen. Eldridge in the Senate and Rep. Sciortino in the House and was introduced with 34 cosponsors.
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NDLON Applauds Choice of Thomas Perez, Head of cialis pills canadian Civil Rights Division at DOJ, as Next Labor Secretary

  DOJ Official who Investigated Sheriff Arpaio Poised to Carry on Solis Legacy of Promoting Civil Rights, Supporting Low-wage, Immigrant Workers   03.18.2013 - Los Angeles, CA In response to news that President Obama will nominate Thomas Perez as the next Labor Secretary, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:   "The appointment of Thomas Perez as head of the Department of Labor brings immigrants one step closer to equal rights at the workplace. It is a signal of the need for full labor protections within immigration reform.   Perez would be a strong choice to lead the Department. He brings with him his local experience in labor and a deep understanding from his time on the board of Casa de Maryland. His experience with the civil rights division of the Department of Justice is good grounding to carry on the legacy of former Secretary Hilda Solis.  Solis truly made the Department of Labor serve to advance the lives of workers and improve the status of low-wage and immigrant workers.   She set the standard for the position and raised the bar for anyone to follow. One of her last formal acts was to visit the day laborer worker centers in New York after Hurricane Sandy. She pledged to see that the health and safety of reconstruction workers be made a top priority.   Perez will leave a big hole to fill at the Department of Justice. Whoever takes up where he left off will have to complete the buy viagra order unfinished business in Arizona and elsewhere in the country where immigration and racial profiling have created civil rights crises.   We look forward to confirmation of Perez' new position and pledge to work closely with the Department of Labor to protect and advance the rights of this country's day laborers, immigrant, and low-wage workers to improve workplace conditions for everyone."   ###
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