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Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668, bloewe{at} Petition Filers Seek Rule Change from DHS to Suspend Deportations, Agency Required to Respond The “Si Se Puede” Filing Provides Authoritative Legal Evidence of Obama Administration’s Ability to Expand Deferred Action, Grant Relief to Future Beneficiaries of Immigration Reform The National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) and a group of undocumented people facing the threat of deportation are using a little known provision of the Administrative Procedure Act to formally request the Department of Homeland Security expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to the fullest extent permissible by law and to suspend deportations for immigrant workers and families who are likely future beneficiaries of immigration reform. Under the law, agencies are required to allow members of the public to petition for the issuance of new rules or changes to or repeal of existing rules. DHS must provide a response to the petition and explain its decision to grant or deny petitioners’ request. Referring to the significance of the petition drafted by the Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo School of Law, NDLON Staff Attorney Jessica Karp explained, “After reading this document, there is no question whether the President can stop deportations. It shows that he can and he should. The only question left is, why hasn’t he? This petition presents the dilemma to DHS formally. It gives them to opportunity to correct years of reckless enforcement and also grant relief to immigrant workers and families who the President and leaders on both sides of the isle all agree belong here.” For Jose Luis Piscil of New Haven, CT who is scheduled to appear in immigration court on March 16th, the petition is part of his urgent attempt to remain with his family after a wrongful arrest on charges that were quickly dismissed led to his placement in deportation proceedings under the federal Secure Communities deportation quota program. “The way they are currently enforcing their laws is creating nightmares in immigrants’ lives.  I want to be here for my wife and two children, to provide for them and to see them grow up.  DHS uses discretion in its enforcement. I hope it will use it in my case and change their rules so that no one else faces what my family is going through.” Many cite the “Sí se puede (Yes You Can)” rulemaking petition as the authoritative document on the…
For immediate release // excuse cross-postingContact: B. Loewe, 773.791.4668 bloewe{at} In response to the GOP's principles on immigration released today, Chris Newman, legal director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement: "We are concerned the nativists within the Republican party now control the the whip hand on the immigration reform debate. The GOP's principles make clear they continue to seek the criminalization of immigrants and the Arizonification of the country. The best way forward is for the President to lead with concrete action. A suspension of deportations would galvanize consensus for reform and put the immigrant rights movement into a win-win position. It would alleviate unnecessary suffering and prolonged injustice immediately. It would resolve inconsistency in the President's position, and it would make clear that legalization can no longer be used as a bargaining chip." ###  
"Tonight's speech was both a disappointment and a call to action for immigrants to increase pressure on the President for relief and for their rights. If the President wants 2014 to be a year of action, immigration is one area where he can and should lead by example. The President has already shown that he has broad legal authority in the realm of immigration; but to date, he has mostly exercised that authority poorly as part of a failed political strategy.
for immediate release // excuse cross-postingContact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668 Sheriff Baca Leaves Behind Terrible Record on Immigration, Replacement Will Need to Reverse Course January 07, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA"Sheriff Baca leaves behind a terrible record on immigration." explains Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. Under Sheriff Baca's tenure, Los Angeles became a pilot location for the federal Secure Communities deportation quota program, which is responsible for deporting 31,000 LA residents to date (more people than have been deported under the same program by the notorious Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa County Arizona). The Sheriff further tarnished his relationship with immigrant communities and encouraged comparisons with the Arizona Sheriff after he stated that undocumented residents in LA do not have civil rights in a 2011 KCRW interview. In response to the reports that LA County Sheriff Baca will resign, Alvarado commented on the implications for his successor, "Going forward the rights of immigrants will undoubtedly be a campaign issue. We fully expect any candidate to replace the Sheriff to make their position clear during the campaign." ###
  Landmark law expected to lower deportations, raise confidence in law enforcement 2013.12.30 – California's TRUST Act is poised to have a dramatic impact on the immigration debate when it goes into effect this Wednesday, January 1, along with a host of other pro-immigrant measures. As anticipation mounts in immigrant communities across the state, representatives of several organizations which sponsored the bill are available this week for phone interviews as well as in-person interviews in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The TRUST Act (AB 4 by Assemblymember Ammiano) sets a minimum standard throughout California to limit cruel and costly immigration “hold” requests in local jails. These optional requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) trap undocumented community members– and even citizens – in local jails for extra time at local expense.  Often triggered by the deeply controversial “Secure Communities” or S-Comm program, the holds have caused over 100,000 deportations in California since 2009 and have come under severe fire for undermining community confidence in law enforcement, separating families, and wasting local resources. A significant majority of the Californians deported either had minor convictions or none at all. When Governor Brown signed the bill on Oct. 5, he declared: “We’re not using our jails as a holding vat for the immigration service” and highlighted California’s move toward inclusive immigration policies as a national model:  “Just as California’s changed, Arizona’s going to change … we’re part of a grand and great transition.” The bill goes into affect amid growing calls for President Obama to follow California’s example and use his considerable executive authority to halt deportations. Meanwhile, other TRUST Acts are pending in Massachusetts and Maryland. TRUST Act – key developments since signature and resources Sea change among California Sheriffs: With support already strong among police chiefs, Congressmembers, and religious leaders, recent months have also seen key Sheriffs who once opposed TRUST shift their stances dramatically. In September, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca signaled his support, and Sonoma Sheriff Steve Freitas announced he would follow TRUST. (The pair had previously threatened to defy the bill.) Since signature, several Sheriffs, including the Sheriff of Contra Costa County – which has seen the most deportations in the Bay Area – have embraced the bill. Additionally, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon not only shifted his stance this month, but also added TRUST Act protections into a rare, controversial agreement with ICE that advocates have long protested. And following a civil disobedience demonstration by local immigrant youth - including…
Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668, Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. \n     December 19, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA In response to the release of ICE’s 2013 deportation statistics, representatives of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following: “People on all sides will look at these numbers with a great deal of skepticism. It’s easy for the Administration to say that those deported fit their priorities when this White House has practically made sneezing a criminal act for immigrants. These numbers may represent political calculus for the beltway but for immigrant families, they represent our parents, siblings, and loved ones,” explains Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director. “The five years of criminalization the President has overseen blankets immigrant communities with suspicion and causes people to live in fear. Until the historic mistake of entwining local police with immigration enforcement is corrected, the country will face a crisis of safety in our communities, confidence in the President, and separation in our families." Marisa Franco, National Organizer, adds, "The biggest fear of immigrant families is becoming a number in the statistics released today.  No matter what direction the numbers go in, the fear entrenched in people’s lives won't be removed until the threat is eliminated and that can only be done by a President who recognizes the error of his ways and reverses course on the dragnet he's built."
Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, 773.791.4668, Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. \n NDLON Reacts to New Pew Study on Deportations and Citizenship December 19th - Washington, DCIn response to the new Pew Research Center Study "Deportation Relief Seen as More Important than Citizenship," representatives of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statements: Tania Unzueta stated, "It's sometimes forgotten how personal the immigration debate is to those actually affected by it. Those debating the importance of citizenship need to be listening to those who live undocumented, those in detention centers, and those getting deported. Political equality starts with, and this debate actually moves forward when, people get to make the case for themselves instead of having their lives decided by others. One thing that's clear is that you can't decide your status preference if you're already deported.  Citizenship has been used as a bargaining chip for too long, and there's a clear path toward it that starts with stopping deportations."  
for immediate release // excuse cross-posting Contact: B. Loewe, NDLON, Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. \n , 773.791.4668     12.05.2013 - Washington, DC In reaction to the 1 pm EST  press conference today in the House Triangle in which Democratic members of Congress are stepping up calls for the President to exercise discretion in immigration enforcement to stop unnecessary deportations, Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:   "The President has the legal authority to exercise discretion in immigration enforcement, and to date, that authority has been exercised poorly. The truth is that the President's approach has been to the detriment of immigrant families and to the detriment of prospects for legislative reform.     It is time for the President to lead by example by doing everything within his power to ease suffering and set US immigration policy back on track. We renew our call for the President to stop deportations at the very least for those who would qualify for legalization under the Senate bill, end his failed S-Comm program, and expand deferred action to the maximum extent permitted by law.    He has options available to him. It's time for him to use them."   ###
    Obama Can't Be Champion of Reform and Deporter-in-Chief At the Same Time   November 15, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA In response to the DHS announcement that it will not pursue deportation of military relatives due to 'stress and anxiety' it can cause, Marisa Franco, organizer for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:   "The memo is a reflection of two basic facts:  first, current US deportation policy is unjust, and second, the President has the power to do something about it.    The anxiety that military families being separated experience is a trauma that no family should go through. We applaud the step and it underscores the truth that the President can and should do more, for all families. The President has the legal authority and the moral obligation to significantly expand upon the memo released today."      ###
    Signing of TRUST expected to propel national immigration debate in new direction     When: Monday, Oct. 7, 10:30 AM  Pacific / 1:30 PM  Eastern Who: Confirmed speakers include -  Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, D - San Francisco Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer Prize-winning undocumented journalist and founder of Define American Rabbi Ken Chasen, Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles Neidi Dominguez, California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance María Sánchez, LA mom facing deportation due to arrest over a fender-bender in Torrance; member of POWER Dean Santos, youth who faced deportation after minor arrest, member of ASPIRE The call is hosted by the organizational sponsors of the TRUST Act: Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus, National Day Laborer Organizing Network, California Immigrant Policy Center, ACLU of California, and Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Background: Governor Jerry Brown's signing of the TRUST Act (AB 4 - Ammiano)  along with several other key pro-immigrant measures Saturday   has brought hope to millions of immigrant Californians and galvanized immigrant advocates across the nation. On Monday's tele-press conference, key leaders will examine the TRUST Act's impact on California, neighboring states, and national immigration reform debate. The TRUST Act will ease the painful impact of the "Secure" Communities or S-Comm deportation program, which turns even low level or unjustified arrests into extended detentions for deportation purposes in local jails, separating families and undermining community confidence in law enforcement. S-Comm has deported a total of nearly 100,000 Californians to date, most with minor or no convictions.  The compromise version of TRUST signed into law by the Governor gives law enforcement much more leeway to respond to immigration "detainer" requests than last year's version of the bill, while setting a minimum standard to ensure that those with most low-level, non-violent offenses are not wastefully held for deportation purposes. For example, the bill allows holds for both felony convictions and also for those accused of felonies under certain circumstances. The new law also allows holds for people with a number of higher level misdemeanor (or “wobbler”) convictions within 5 years, and for certain federal criminal convictions. The new law, which will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014  , has earned a growing wave of support including former Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, police chiefs  including San Diego’s Chief Lansdowne, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, 28 members of US Congress, legal experts, and faith leaders. ###
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TRUST Act Signed into Law in California

  October 5, 2013. - Los Angeles, CA In response to Governor Jerry Brown signing the California TRUST Act (AB4) into law, NDLON Executive Director Pablo Alvarado released the following statement: "The tide is turning.  California’s historic legislation marks a shift of the pendulum away from the criminalization of immigrants and against the idea that police should have any role in immigration enforcement. The more the public learns about the failed  Secure Communities deportation program,  the more clear it becomes that it should be ended. The President should take a cue from the state of California and other locales that have rejected his deportation quota program and reverse course on his Administration's policies of Arizonification.
    Oct 01, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA In response to new statistics released by TRAC today that, despite several directives from former ICE director John Morton,  fewer than one in nine (10.8 percent) of the ICE detainers met the agency's stated goal of targeting individuals who pose a serious threat to public safety or national security, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement.   "The Obama Administration's approach to immigration has spelled disaster for immigrant communities. No matter what talking points the President repeats, the data shows complete disregard for priorities, an expansion of the deportation dragnet, and more innocent people being ripped from their families.
      Immigration reform can and should aim to reduce poverty and boost nation's economic strength. LOS ANGELES – Civil and immigrant rights leaders from the Latino and African-American communities today urged Congress and the Administration to remain focused on the passage of immigration reform and anti-poverty measures. They emphasized that while Congress continues to focus on important foreign policy and its work to avert a government shutdown, lawmakers must not use that as an excuse to push comprehensive immigration reform and anti-poverty measures off the agenda. Despite other issues on the Congressional agenda, today’s press conference attendees stressed that Congress must understand that an overhaul in immigration policy is critical for our national and economic security. Currently, it is estimated that 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States.  
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NDLON Responds to News of Gang of 7 Bill's Demise

Options Still Remain,  Despite Beltway Proclamations to Contrary     September 20, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA In response to the Greg Sargent piece quoting Congressman Luis Gutierrez as stating that the House Gang of 7 bill will not be put forward, Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), issued the following statement:   "At this crucial moment,  President Obama's leadership is needed.  He can - and must - take action to alleviate immigrants' suffering and propel much needed legislation forward.   "Despite the President's statements to the contrary, options do remain that can help immigrants, break the logjam in Congress,  and offer leverage for a positive bill.  Answering the wide call to suspend deportations and expand deferred action is an obvious trump card the President has in his hands to qualitatively change the nature of the debate.  
    Administration Policy of Criminalizing Immigrants Poses Largest Barrier to Reform   09.17.2013 - Los Angeles, CA.  In response to the President's comments in an interview with Telemundo where he says that he cannot further expand deferred action to suspend deportations, Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:   "The President's statement is factually inaccurate. He has the power to reduce deportations, the legal authority to expand deferred action, and the political obligation to lead the national debate through bold action. In fact, courageous leadership will only galvanize momentum for reform and focus Congress's attention on their constitutional duty to modernize immigration law.
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